Pet Heating Pad 220V Electric Blanket 18W Mat 2 Adjustable Temperature Dog Cat Puppy Kitten Heating Pad Winter Warming Mat

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1. [Electric heating pad for cats and dogs]: 40*40cm and 40*60cm universal size heating pads are suitable for elderly and young pets, pets suffering from arthritis or diseases, and help your pets survive the cold winter safely.

2. [Two levels of temperature adjustment]: 2 levels of heat settings, the temperature is between 30-50 °, easy to use, can adjust the required temperature according to the weather, so that the pet can maintain a comfortable body temperature.

3. [Abrasion-resistant and bite-resistant]: Fine stitching, made of polyester + waterproof fabric, can withstand pet bites, and can be reused.

4. [Waterproof and easy to clean]: Durable fabrics and waterproof materials, if you find that the sleeping pad is not clean, you can wipe it directly with a wet towel. Don't worry about leaking water into the pet mat.

5. [Circuit safety]: The junction box is packed in a moisture-proof sealed can to prevent accidents caused by folding, wrinkles, broken wires, and fire when the electric blanket is energized.

6. [Special Reminder]: When the power supply voltage is low, the heating pad generates less heat, and the temperature rise of the blanket surface is slower, so the temperature is lower. This situation is not a malfunction of the heating pad. Please pay attention to the power supply voltage when using it. Pet heating pads are the same as bed heating blankets. The temperature can't rise without covering things. Only when pets and people sit on it, the temperature will get higher and higher.


Material: Polyester

Rated voltage: 220V

Rated power: 18W

Frequency: 50HZ

Temperature: 30-50°

Style: as shown in the picture (shipped randomly)

Size: 40*40cm 40*60cm

Packing list:

1*pet heating pad (the style is shipped randomly)


1. For the question of temperature, the power is only 18W, so it is difficult to judge the high temperature, please treat it correctly.

2. Do not disassemble and use; do not remove pins; do not use when wet; do not press heavy objects that are impervious to air; do not fold or roll the wiring area for use; do not allow babies and those who cannot take care of themselves or are not sensitive to heat People use!

3. Please consider the actual size shown in the list, because pictures are usually enlarged to show details.

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