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Product Description:

Product Description:4.5L double meal feeder

Programmable timing feeding-no longer be woken up by pets in the morning, no need to worry about pet feeding when you go out! The automatic cat feeder can provide your pet with regular and quantitative meals, 1-4 meals a day, 1-40 servings per meal (5 mg per serving). Start customizing healthy diets for your cats and dogs now!

2-way splitter and 304 stainless steel body-perfect for families with multiple pets. This 4.5L cat feeder is equipped with a 2-way splitter, baffle, and anti-clogging design structure to ensure even distribution between the 2 bowls. The pet food storage container and 2 bowls are made of 304 stainless steel, which can provide your pet with a healthier and sanitary meal.

Dual power supply design-even if there is a power failure, there is no need to worry about the cat food machine not supplying power. This automatic Cat feeder is powered by a 5V DC adapter and/or battery. Even if the pet feeder is powered off, 3 alkaline D-type batteries can keep the equipment running normally. In addition, it is also equipped with a setting memory function, so there is no need to reset the parameters after a power failure.

10s recorder-you can choose to call your pet before meals! Long press the “microphone” button of the automatic cat feeder, record 10 seconds of voice, call the pets regularly, and let your voice accompany them every meal. You can also choose to cancel the recording, and the voice will not be played before the meal.

Simple and friendly operation-simple installation/disassembly + clear programming allows you to get started in 5 minutes. The 304 stainless steel material is easy to clean, and the food storage container that supports the automatic cat feeder and 2 bowls are washed in the dishwasher. (Note: the host with display cannot be cleaned)

Product Description:

friendly reminder:

1. Any questions, please contact us Frist. We will help you and will not let you bear any loss. thanks

2. Pet food is preferably dry food with a diameter of 4-14 mm.

3. There are two types of pet feeders: button version and WiFI version, please check carefully which type you want before buying. thanks

4. The mobile phone should be connected to 2.4G wifi. If your wifi is 5G wifi, please set it to 2.4G wifi.

4L Automatic Pet Feeder Cat Food Dispenser Accessories Remote Control Smart WiFi Automatic Feeder for Cats and Dogs

Can you imagine a situation where there is no one in the house but there are pets? Pets will get hungry, or rummage through items. However, with our 4L Automatic Pet Feeder, you don't have to worry about these things happening to your pets. It will take good care of your pet and develop healthy eating habits and good eating habits for your pet.

Our 4L automatic cat feeder, can feed your pet for about 2-3 weeks, suitable for small to medium pets. No longer have to worry about getting up early, working overtime, and going to work without eating.

WiFi version: 10 meals can be set per day, with a maximum of 40 servings per meal, 4-7g per serving.

Button version: 4 meals can be set per day, with a maximum of 20 servings per meal, 4-7g per serving.

Just set the number of meals and portion size, and the feeder will feed your pet automatically, no need to get up early even when traveling, shopping and working.

In order to prolong the service life of the feeder and prevent food from getting stuck in the feeder, the food is preferably dry food with a diameter of 4-18mm.


WiFI/button version

App is easy to use

fresh in every bite

Detachable design for cleaning

Dual power supply (battery not included)

Product Name: Automatic Pet Feeder

Capacity: 4L

Weight: 1150 grams

Material: ABS/SUS 304/PC

Input parameters: 5VDC/1A

Connection method: WIFI/button

Battery requirement: 3*D battery (not included)


1. Pets under three months are not recommended to use.

2. It is recommended to use it indoors, do not expose it directly to sunlight, and keep away from fire sources

3. Please use the original power adapter to avoid equipment damage or failure to work

4. Do not soak in water

5. In order to prevent pets from falling on the feeder, it is recommended to place it in a corner or against a wall.

6. Children should be used under the guidance of adults

7. Do not soak the desiccant in water, if it is damaged, do not continue to use it.

8. If you move or stop using the product, please unplug the power cord and take out the bottom battery.

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