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【KDF Alloy Filter Material】: It occurs a reaction-redox in the water, which is can reduce chlorine, heavy metals and scale in the water and reduce maintenance workload; Strengthen the role of activated carbon; extend the service life of activated carbon. It is widely used in pretreatment and main treatment water treatment, such as kitchen water, bath water, wash water, laundry water, drinking water and so on. It is can extend the life of the water system, reduce maintenance and reduce costs.
1【Perfect Match & Fit】The pet fountain filters are compatible with Veken, WonderCreture, Comsmartt’s 84oz/2.5L cat water fountain and other fountains with same square volume and style. The size : 4.88inch/124mm Length (inside diameter: 1.38inch/36mm).
2【Keep You Pet Healthy】Our Pet Water fountain filter is made of polyester pad, premium charcoal (absorbs chlorine and dust) and lon exchange resin material (removes calcium and magnesium ions, softening water), which can filter hair, heavy metals, and improve the taste of the water so that pets can drink clean and fresh water, let them loves to drink water.
3【How to Choose the Filter and Install】 Please measure the pet water fountain size when your purchase the filter before, and choose the nearly size of the filter to make sure it’s the suitable size for it ( not biger or smaller ) and can install it. Please install the filter with the flat side up.
4【Use Tips】8-pack of premium pet fountain replacement filters. Please soak the filter in water for 2 minutes and rinse it thoroughly under running water before use and please changed the pet water fountain filter every 2 to 4 weeks to keep you pet healthy (if multiple cats use the fountain, please more frequently replace the filter.)
5【About Us】Our shop is dedicated to pet supplies, not only the square cat water fountain filter, but also have the round shape of filters, and we will offer more products in the future. Very appreciated that you are interesting in our products. Please contact us if there are any question about our products, we will provide you the most friendly.

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1【Green Material】This pet fountain filter uses coconut shell activated carbon,High-quality coconut shell is used as raw material.In addition, there are cationic components, which have the function of cleaning and activation, and belong to the green purification method LIMITED PROMOTION,WILL RETURN TO ORIGINAL PRICE SOON
2【Purification Principle】The physical purification, no side effects. Coconut shell charcoal is made of high quality coconut shell as raw material, activated by physical method, refined and processed. It has the characteristics of good adsorption performance, high strength and long use time.They can filter hair,improve the taste of water, so that pets can drink clean fresh water all day,and keep pets healthy
3【Product Composition】 Each fountain filters is made of cotton layer, coconut shell activated carbon and cation. Different from other products, we have different choices, which are sector-shaped. There are two choices, one is all cationic material, the other is half coconut shell activated carbon, the other is cationic
4【Usage Method】In order to prevent coconut shell activated carbon from falling off into water, please soak the filter in water for 2 minutes before using, and then rinse it thoroughly under running water.Depending on the frequency of your pet’s drinking water allocation and the number of pets using the water dispenser. Replacement every 2 to 4 weeks to keep the water fresh
5【Specification】This pet water fountain filters is packed in a box of 4 pieces, a box of 6pieces, a box of 8 pieces and a box of 12 pieces. For circle filter chip, you can choose according to your own situation

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