2022 Ultrafast Special Deerskin Absorbent Towel Pet Dog Towel Multifunction Towel PVA Clean And Strong Dog Cat Beach Towels Set

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bath, dry hair, sports, pets and high-end household goods clean.

1 bath of the pet: super absorbent quick-drying, drying a block of hard disk, to prevent invasion of germs and reproduction.

2. The baby: soft texture and without worrying about care for the baby’s delicate skin, super absorbent has left the baby body of water as soon as possible and dry, mothers do not worry about the baby will catch a cold ! if the baby suddenly into bed pee, used to quickly absorb the urine, suede towel.

3 dry-haired women: quick dry hair as soon as you save a lot of time.

4. Travelers: will be on business trip imitation Lupi towels placed to the cans, can avoid the use of hotel towels, and not as a simple wet towel on the moldy, sour journey, or soaked in otherGoods travel bag

5 after washing with suede dry towel, fast water without leaving traces, elegant and practical!

using the method:

1 when the new open, please wash the product with water for 10 seconds, remove the moisture, dry use.

2 This product is dry with a knot, soaked in water before use is soft, dry can be used.

3 when the product is not used, please put it in a ventilated place, such as the need to continue to use, in the packaging can be kept soft.


Color: Yellow, Pink, Blue, Green, Purple

size: S, 43 * 32 * 0.2 CM L, 66 * 43 * 0.2 CM


Simple OPP packaging, or

Good bucket pack

Brand Name: Suede Cloth Towel For Dog Dog

Item: Trumpet imitation suede absorbent towel

standard: Printed

Standard Type: Solid

Style: Simple, super absorbent

Material: PVA

Material: Compressed, Quick-Dry, Fast Absorption, Non-toxic Chemicals

use: Taking a bath, dry hair, sports, pets and clea high-grade goods occupying the house

shape: Rectangle

Type: Pet clean towel

Applicable Dog Breed: Universal

Cleaning towel type: Multifunctional towel


1. Please allow a small size error due to manual measurement.

2. Please be reminded that due to lighting effects and monitor brightness / contrast settings etc, the color tone of the website photo and the actual item may be slightly different.

3. Converse: 1 inch = 2.54 cm or 1 cm = 0.393 inch

package list:

1x Pet Towel

with the drum or do not choose for yourself

Additional information

Set Type





Mainland China





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