5 Reasons Why I Am Man's Best Friend

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There are so many reasons why they call me “Man’s Best Friend”. I am cool, I know. I have been your best friend ever since. I have proven myself to be kind and loyal. I even love the family members I belong to. I give them unconditional love, loyalty, and companionship. As you read along, I will show you how I really enjoyed being called “Man’s Best Friend”.


I defend you from strangers. I enjoy barking them away from us. Silly, yeah. It must be because I was born to protect you from people who might hurt you. I’m sorry if I bark at almost everyone around: the taho seller, the children who like to go around caroling, the creepy solicitor, and the passersby. This can seem to go overboard, I might chase them away. Please understand that I got your back!


I always like eating with you. I usually flick my tongue out to not just tell you I need food, but also to show you how much I wanted to spend time eating with you. I enjoy sitting by your knee, panting at you, asking for your company. Don’t you like eating with me? I can see you laughing at how I try to catch the food you just threw.


Intelligence can be different in each kind of breed, but I am proud to say that I am the most intuitive animal living in this planet. I can make a lot of facial expressions, so you would adore and notice me. I enjoy hiding around toys, jumping on top of your bed, chasing flies and mice, and things I do secretly when you are not around. I know sometimes I am being annoying, but I really like it when you enjoy seeing me trying to be smart and witty! Thank you for the treats, and the praises you give. I enjoy it a lot!


Every time the tone of your voices changes, or your how your body reacts to anything. I know how you feel, and most of the time I feel the same way. I often copy how you feel about anything. You might think this is weird. I really do. Often when I see you sad, I would stare at you with big doe eyes so you would know I sympathize. I even know when you get mad at me. I would shy away from you when I have disobeyed you. I’m sorry for disobeying you sometimes. I promise to be good. I will always be here for you whether you’re thrilled, depressed, happy, and anywhere in between.


I want to be with you. I always want to be with you. I enjoy it when you stay at home with me. I won’t even cancel out any dinner dates or a night out with you. I get sad when I see you getting dressed up because I know you will leave me again, but don’t worry I will be waiting for you. I would be happy when you come home, even when it means I have to wait for you late at night. I to grow old with you. I’m here for you, and you alone! I will be your companion until I will be gone. I will stay loyal, and I will stay with you forever.

 To simply put it, I am your best friend. Forever and always.


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